Culture, Ethnicity, Community Affairs (CECA) Committee

The Culture, Ethnicity, Community Affairs Committee (CECA) is the senate committee responsible for promoting an inclusive and diverse community at Tufts. CECA members work with the Group of Six centers, student organizations, and administrators in admissions, student affairs, campus life, academics, and the office of the President to address issues and initiate projects to better the Tufts experience, with a special focus on providing support for students coming from marginalized communities.  CECA projects have included working to improve gender-open bathroom accessibility, creating anti-profiling training with TUPD, collaborating on sexual assault prevention efforts, and working with student organizations to pass senate resolutions. CECA strongly prioritizes collaboration with other students and student organizations and warmly welcomes anyone who would like to contribute to our meetings.


Benya Kraus

Committee Chair

Jacqueline Chen

Asian American Community Senator

Parker Breza

LGBTQ+ Community Senator

Celeste Teng

International Community Senator

Amina Mohamed

Africana Community Senator

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